Do you need to

Managing a large facility is a complicated task. You have to manage more buildings and square footage with lesser resources and personnel. To take real time decisions you need realtime data.

Get intuition into your Premises

connect to everything – anywhere -realtime

Input Level

Have we exceeded the rated demand


What is the OEE of the crank case machining line

Sharp Edges

The Salient logo focus on minimaliistic geometric design.

Shop floor

What is the impact of reducing changeover time on throughput


What switching strategy optimizes the power cost

Build for performance

Real time

Real time decisions need real time data. From refrigerator temperatures to accounting Machine OEE log sheets are neither logged real time nor are the available at a notice.

Data driven insights

Associate meaning to your physical world, from predicting a misalignment in your motor shaft to estimating the appropriate switch on time for the banquet hall HVAC.

Connect Everything

Which machines are likely to be replaced in the next year ? Connect sensors ranging from Energy, temperature, pressure to vibration, proximity to historical data, production feeds. To obtain macro level insights into production processes

How does intuition work


Our platform can acquire physical measurements from sensors to process data from ERP. We transmit using same encryption that is used in banks. All this to ensure a connection to the most remote asset in your enterprise.


Events leave a trial of data crumbs. We are able to peer deep into the data and extract events - understand its meaning and translate it to an insight.


Access everything from anywhere at anytime. From configurable views ,to role and event driven reporting – making sure you are prepared for the moment you have to make a decision.

community + analytics

Decisions which have to be made real time need insights which are also real time

community + analytics is an information management and analytics startup. We believe insights out data can give a competitive advantage to industries.  From optimizing costs, predicting downtime to finding process sensitivities


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