Firefighting with energy and water issues in large campuses consume time

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Why are large campuses difficult to manage

Distributed Assets:

It is difficult to collate information from multiple buildings in a large facility – which makes monitoring, detecting anomalies, and benchmarking cumbersome if not impossible

Demand and supply imbalance

Water supply in most of our cities are rationed while electricity outages are common in a few places. Imbalances need operations to be prioritized and scheduled to optimize consumption in the lean period

Large number of users

Many users interact with appliance and assets every minute. In a typical education institute over 740 students and staff walk in through the gates every day

Single point metering:

With a single point of metering anomalies are not visible as all consumption is treated as a fixed cost. Consequently some facilities might be wasting 30% -40% of their energy consumed.

Get intuition into your facility

Water Tanks in South Annexe will empty after 3 hours …details
Central Air conditioner can be shutdown 50 minutes earlier in south annex. You can save up to Rs 5,75,000 per month
4th Floor consumed 40% higher compared to other floors. Good for the bottom-line and the planet
Switch off all conference rooms

Connect anywhere with everything

Intuition platform is built for performance

Ensure Reliability

Intuition platform and IoT gateway can be connected to a wide variety of sensors including energy meters, temperature, level sensors and water.

Connect Everything

Our platform is based on open source technologies, protocols, and hardware. It is built for integration into sensor and hardware platform within your facility.

Real time

We look for patterns within events to determine the correlations and create an alert when an anomaly is observed.

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